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 Dr. Timothy J. Brazill
 Department of Sociology
 Bridgewater College, Box 171
 Bridgewater, VA 22812

 Office: Bowman 224
 Phone: (540) 828-5655
 Fax: (540) 828-5716



I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia.  I am the advisor for the Department's minor in Crime and Justice. I am also the Vice-President of the Bridgewater College Philomathes Society. Some of my current off-campus responsibilities include being a Board Member for the Virginia Social Science Association, a Board Member of the Gemeinschaft Home, and the Secretary and Data Manager for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham & Page County Reentry Council.

I routinely teach Sociological Imagination and the quantitative research methods series for the major in Sociology. I also teach several of the courses in the Crime and Justice minor including Criminology, Adjudication & Corrections, World Justice Systems, and the Senior Practicum in Crime and Justice.

My professional interests include: community development, social cohesion and disorganization, crime and deviance; social networks; the cognition of social structure; the measurement of fundamental network properties, such as social distance and acquaintanceship volume; program evaluation, methodology and statistics. 

On the personal side, here's a little more about me....


My Teaching Schedule this semester
(Fall 2015) is:
  • SOC 101.02 Sociological Imagination
    (MWF 9:00-9:50am in Bowman 220)
  • SOC 322 Soc. Research Methods I
    (MWF 10:00-10:50am in Bowman 209)

  • PDP 150.26 Humans on Wire
    (MWF 1:00-1:50pm in Bowman 316)

  • SOC 483 Practicum in Crime & Justice
    (By Appointment)

Please note that course syllabi, additional readings, external links, exam review guides and other material will all be made available on the course websites through: BCMoodle

My Office Hours are:

Monday 2:00-4:00pm, Wednesday* 2:00-4:00pm and Friday 2:00-3:00pm, or by appointment.  * My Wednesday afternoon schedule is variable and I will have to periodically cancel these office hours to attend other duties.  I will also have variable hours on some Tuesdays or Thursdays depending on my schedule.  When these become available I will announce them in advance.  Finally, students are welcome and encouraged to drop by my office any time that you find me there.



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