Schedule for Math 200 Introduction to Statistics

For most weeks the pattern of the course will be Lecture on Monday, Lecture/Questions and Examples on Wednesday and Short Lecture or Questions and Examples and a Group Quiz on Friday.  Friday will also be TEST DAY.  This is just the general pattern of the course and it can be varied as needed.  A Statistics Project is required.  Students will collect the data and analyze it and produce a statistics project paper and give a brief one slide summary presentation (about 2 minutes)

Week 1: 1/25 Course starts on Wednesday 1/27 with Getting Started: Chapter One and Organizing Data Chapter 2
Week 2: 2/1 Finish Chapter two and do Chapter three: Averages and Variation.  Quiz #1 on Chapters 1 and 2 on Friday.  2/4 last day to add a class
Week 3: 2/8 Chapter 4 on Correlation and Regression.  Quiz on Friday will cover material from Chapters 3 and 4
Week 4: 2/15 Chapter 5 Elementary Probability Theory with a Quiz on Friday covering Chapters 4 and 5
Week 5: 2/22 Chapter 6 Discrete Probability Distributions, specifically the Binomial Distribution  Quiz on Friday is on Binomial Distribution
Week 6: 3/1 Chapter 7 Normal Probability Distribution and Sampling Distributions, Review, TEST Cumulative Chapters 1 to 6 Extra Credit on 7
Week 7: 3/8 Spring Break all week: Have a Great Break
Week 8: 3/15 Pass back tests, Go Over and Continue with Chapter 7.  Quiz on Friday on Chapter 7 Grades posted by 3/19
Week 9: 3/22 Chapter 8 Estimating the Sample Mean.  Quiz on Chapter 8 on Friday.  3/26 Last day to withdraw passing WP
Week 10: 3/29 Chapter 9 Hypothesis Testing.  Quiz on Chapter 9 on Wednesday [Easter Break begins after last class on 4/1]
Week 11: 4/5 [Monday Easter Break] Review of Chapters 7, 8, 9 with some Exercises and a Cumulative TEST on Chapter 7, 8, and 9 on Friday 4/9 Last day WF/WP
Week 12: 4/12 Chapter 10 Inferences about differences.  Quiz on Chapter 10 on Friday
Week 13: 4/19 Continue with Chapter 10 and introduce Chapter 11 Additional Topics Using Inference
Week 14: 4/26 Review for final Cumulative TEST which is give on Friday.
Week 15: 5/3 Statistics Project Presentations on Monday and Wednesday.  Wednesday is the last day of class. (Attendance is Required Both Days)