Schedule for CSCI 200 Introduction to Programming

The course will involve in class discussion and work sheets which must be turned in.  These will be a small group efforts with groups of two to three working together.  Concept quizzes will be given each week or at the discretion of the instructor.  A game project based on enhancing The World of Zuul will be assigned and in the last week of class you will present and demonstrate your project.

Week 1: 1/25 Getting Started with BlueJ and Chapter 1 Objects and Classes
Week 2: 2/1 Complete Chapter 1 and Do Chapter 2 Understanding Class Definitions Special Exercise on Friday
Week 3: 2/8 Chapter 3 Object Interaction: Modularization and Abstraction
Week 4: 2/15 Chapter 4 Grouping Objects: The Use of Collections and Looping
Week 5: 2/22 Chapter 5 More Sophisticated Behavior (Documentation, Random Behavior, Class Variables and Constants)
Week 6: 3/1 Chapter 6 Well-Behaved Objects (Testing and Debugging) [Spring Break begins after last class on Friday]
Week 7: 3/8 Spring Break all week (classes resume on Monday 3/15)
Week 8: 3/15 Chapter 7 Designing Classes (The World of Zuul)  [3/19 Mid-term grades due]
Week 9: 3/22 Chapters 8 and 9 Inheritance
Week 10: 3/29 Chapter 10 Further Abstraction Techniques   [Easter Break begins after last class on April 1st]
Week 11: 4/5 [Easter Break Classes resume 4/6]  Chapter 11 Building Graphical User Interfaces
Week 12: 4/12 Chapter 12 Error Handling
Week 13: 4/19 Chapter 13 Designing Applications
Week 14: 4/26 Chapter 14 A Case Study
Week 15: 5/3 Project Demonstrations