CSCI 410 Signal and Image Processing

Signal and image processing are studied using modern signal and image processing function libraries to explore and program waveform analysis, convolution and correlation including FIR filters, spectrum analysis and composing linear systems.  Image processing expands FIR filtering from one dimension to two dimensions and studies applications such as image contouring, edge detection, smoothing, and noise removal.  Programming in MATLAB will be required.

Prerequisites: CSCI 320 or permission of the instructor  Offered Alternate Years offered 2007-2008

Texts: 1) Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB by Alexander D. Poularikas and Azyed M. Ramadan

  2) Computer Imaging - Digital Image Analysis and Processing by Scott E. Umbaugh with CD/ROM and CVIPTools.

Objectives: Teach the student to understand and apply signal processing and image processing concepts and algorithms.