WEB for CSCI 200 S08 Introduction to Programming

This is a reverse chronological order log for the Spring 2008 section of CSCI 200 that I am teaching.  The general format is <date> <entry> so you can scroll down to the date you are interested in.

2-29-2008 The initial Concept Test for the class showed a lot of misunderstandings.  I curved the scores up from a class average of 69 to a class average of 75 and adjusted the standard-deviation to 12.  Then I correlated the Worksheet scores going into the test with the curved test results and got the curve below:

What I thought was interesting about this was how good the correlation was.  Those that worked on and did well on the worksheets also did well on the test and vice versa.  I'll try to be caught up on the worksheet grading by Monday.

2-4-2008 The graph above represents current cumulative Worksheet Scores for the first two worksheets due: 2-1 and 2-2.  These worksheets were worth respectively upto 11 points and 12 points.  Typically a worksheet is worth 1 point per answer or line on the work sheet that has to be filled in.  In the case of assignments these will usually be assigned a point value.  The point score is cumulative and the worksheets will often be labeled with the total number of points that were available.  In this case it was 23, so about a quarter of the class received all the available points.

1-29-2008 We will be working on Worksheet 2-2 tomorrow, Collecting Worksheet 2-1, and Handing-out Worksheet 2-3.  That will be the general pattern as we go forward.  I will either work on the Worksheet myself, talking to myself out loud, or giving some brief ideas with powerpoint slides or answering your questions.  So if you have any questions, make a point of making them known.  The general pace of the class will be one chapter a week.