CSCI 225 Mathematical Structures for Computer Science

An introduction to the fundamental concepts and structures used in computer science.  Topics include propositional and predicate logic; sets, functions, and relations; mathematical induction, counting principles, and recurrences; trees and graphs.

Text: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen, 5th Edition.

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Students will in the course of mastering the material offered develop significant skills in 1) Mathematical Reasoning, 2) Combinatorial Analysis, 3) Discrete Structures, 4) Algorithmic Thinking, and 5) Applications and Modeling.  The student will achieve mastery at the introductory level of:

The material will be exercised through many detailed assignments which allow the student to develop and demonstrate mastery.  When the student has completed the course he or she will be prepared for more advanced study of algorithms in a Computer Science curriculum and more advanced study of mathematics that build upon these skills.