CSci 450 Java Programming (INTERTERM 2004)

An in-depth study of the Java programming language with hands-on experience.  The course will be taught as a self-paced programming course with staged exercises in the computer lab prefaced with a short lecture, demonstration or question/answer session.  Object-oriented programming methods will be used throughout with lots of hand-on coding of tutorial examples.  Each day's class will have specific tailored learning objectives with worksheets and examples.  Programs developed in the lab will illustrate Java Applets, Graphics and Java 2D, GUI development, File and Stream manipulation, and Networking concepts using Java.

Prerequisites: CSCI 105 or CSCI 200

Text(s): Programming with Java by Julia Case Bradley and Anita C. Millspaugh, ISBN 0-07-248819-0

Optional:Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel
Good Resource (Audio Lectures and Code)Hands On Java Seminar CD

Objectives: Student should arrive at a working knowledge of the Java Programming Language at the introductory level.

Methodology: See course description above.

Grading: The grade for this course will be determined by the progress the student makes through the set of lectures, coding assignments and other assignments.  The student will submit brief progress  reports daily.  There will be a minimum of three and a maximum of five core projects.  Students will be expected to develop a small project of their own and give a presentation on it during the last week of the course.

Policies: (Generic Policies)