CSCI 300 Software Practice



Instructor: Dr. Ray Schneider

Office: McKinney 231

Office Hours: 2:00-3:00 Daily or by appointment.

Ph: x5623



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Text(s): 1. Games and Graphics in C++ by Tony Gaddis, Addison-Wesley. 2010, ISBN 978-0-321-51291-8 (primary, required)

2. DarkBASIC Pro Game Programming Second Edition, by Jonathan S. Harbour and Joshua R. Smith, Thomson Course Technology, 2007, ISBN 13: 978-1-59863-287-3 (optional, not required but helpful)


Description: Software development in the context of game programming will be the subject of the course. Students will become familiar with and practice programming of complex graphically based systems using two-dimensional and three-dimensional game programming as an example. Topics covered will include interface design, implementation of graphical resources, especially sprites, tiling, and three dimensional meshes. Combinations of resources, action design, programming, and testing will result in the development of small, but complete, software systems. Students will experience and study the full range of software development in completing the course.



Attendance is required and may be checked each period. Excessive lateness and absenteeism may result in grade reduction or failure.



Students are expected to spend between two and three hours outside of class for each class hour (six to nine hours of outside of class study per week) working on assignments or on their own initiative to learn the body of knowledge and practice that forms the content of the course.



Grades will be based on student performance using contract grading. A sequence of WUP(Work Unit Plans) will be developed and students will work against these plans to develop and deliver the assigned products. Grading will be based on satisfactory completing of assigned work.