PDP-150 Personal Development Portfolio



Instructor: Dr. Ray Schneider

Office: McKinney 231

Office Hours: 2:00-3:00 Daily or by appointment.

Ph: x5623

Email: rschneid@bridgewater.edu



1.      Robert Shoenberg, Why Do I Have to Take This Course? (Association of American Colleges and Universities)

2.      Robert DiYanni, Fifty Great Essays, 3nd edition (ABLongman)

3.      Mortimer J. Adler, Six Great Ideas, (any edition) (Touchstone, Simon and Shuster)

      4. C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (any edition, should include Screwtape Proposes a Toast)

      5. G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy (any edition)




The PDP-150 course is divided into six units: 1) Transition to College, 2) Introduction to the liberal arts and to the practice of reflection, and the four dimensions of the personal development portfolio, 3) intellectual growth and discovery (Mind), 4) emotional maturation and physical health (Body), 5) ethical and spiritual growth (Spirit), and
6) citizenship and community responsibility (Community)  See the Schedule for progression through the materials.



Attendance is required and will be checked each period and excessive lateness and absenteeism may result in grade reduction or failure.



Students are expected to spend between two and three hours outside of class for each class hour (six to nine hours of outside of class study per week) working on assignments.  Generally the world will involve readings, reflections in a Reflective Journal and weekly writing assignments. Students will be expected to read all assigned material completely and on time, participate fully in classroom activities and discussions, produce a reflective journal that will include at least six reflective writing exercises, and produce a draft and final version of the personal development reflective essay.  Students will also be expected to complete at least five hours of public service during the term.



Students will receive up to 200 points (20%) for classroom activities and participation. This includes attendance. Classroom exercises and written assignments will be worth 400 points (40%), and the final reflective essay including related reflection assignments will count for 300 points (30%).  Students will also receive 100 points (10%) for completing the first five hours of their community service learning. Please note that while I will always be willing to discuss individual student performance on an assignment, I will not negotiate grades.  The grade a student receives for any specific assignment is final.