CSCI 205 Fall 2007 Data Structures and Abstraction

This is the WEB page for the course and presents comments and descriptions and generally Bloggy things in reverse chronological order.  Perhaps the most important thing is the links to the Larry Nyhoff web site: Nyhoff Site the other site in the Prentice Hall site: Prentice Hall other links may be added here at the top of the page as the semester continues.  Software HORROR STORIES.

Nov 15, 2007 -- It's been a while since I've update the CSCI 205 blog page ... everyone should be working hard on their Labs and Projects.  Some of you are pretty far behind I think.  I'm thinking about offering the infamous TEXTBOOK ADVENTURE GAME TEST as a make up.  We'll talk about that next week.  Meanwhile we looked rather quickly at recursion and looked at simple recursion and indirect recursion and then looked at linear and binary search using vectors, linked lists (for linear search), and binary trees to implement searches with dynamically linked data.  These concepts are required for some of the labs and projects you have to complete, but we're coming down to the wire here quite soon.

Oct 11, 2007 -- yesterday we completed the slides for Chapter 4 and started Chapter 5 getting to the intro slides on file I/O.  Some confusion seems to exist about object oriented programming.  I'm not sure it really isn't a confusion more generally about programming itself.  Every programmer has to have a "model" sort of the way programming works in their head.

Oct 4, 2007 -- Yesterday we did most of the slides on chapter 4.  We are currently running about a week behind so today's Lab should be 3.1 and students owe me Lab 2.2 and Project 2.1 and should be completing Project 2.2. 

9/19/2007 Today we'll finish up the slides on Chapter 2.  Thursday's lab is Lab 2.1 and then you should do Project 2.1 on Binary Representation to turn in next Thursday.  The slides and lab code (when specific code is provided) are on the R: Drive in the folder R:CSCI205F07.  Next week we will be going over Chapter 3 and doing Lab 2.2 and Project 2.2.

Video Tutorials Flash 6 or better plug-in required.

Week 1 through Lab 1.1

Project1 an introduction to Visual Studio 2005

WhereCodeGoes after the introduction, Where's the Code?

JavaToCPP you are going to have to transition from Java which you had in CSCI-200 to C++ this is a quick summary

FileWriter here's a little program illustrating reading and writing from a text file

Chapter01 now it's time to really get started and pursue Chapter One of Nyhoff (this takes about an hour)

Lab1_1 This is your first Lab -- the video just shows how to get started, you have to do the rest.