CSCI 330 Scripting Languages

The Lincoln Project

Draft Specification Example done by Alton Timbers  First-Cut Opening Pages

President Stone has asked us to help him develop a website for the Lincoln Society of Virginia.  He will be visiting us on Monday September 4th to discuss the requirements for the project.  In the meantime he has given me a list of three websites that are examples.  You can visit those by clicking on the links below.

Abraham Lincoln On-Line  This website's Opening Page has a line of horizontal links and a vertical three column structure with highlight from 1) this week in history, 2) Event highlights for the coming month, and 3) News highlights with links.

The Lincoln Forum The Lincoln Forum's Opening Page is a little simpler.  It has a vertical line of links on the left hand side and a central message area for messages from the Chairman.  There is a Newsletter signup box at the bottom right.  A simple and elegant opening page.

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial 2009 The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Opening Page is laid out with a matrix.  There is a horizontal banner box with some links and then four vertical columns, the first with navigation links, and the remaining three are for 1) Recent News, 2) Upcoming Events, and 3) Current Discussions.

Note the similarities and contrasts among the several sites.  Website design is a creative process that combines aesthetics and human factors to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for the client using the site.

President Stone's Visit to the CSCI 330 Class on 9-4-2006 Notes





















Using the Lincoln Forum site as an example -- the Lincoln Project site could be a simple banner, with a link set on the left and a scrollable content pane in the middle.  This would meet the initial requirements and could be expanded in the future.