CSCI 330 Scripting Languages Fall 2006

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This is the What's Happening Now Course BLOG IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

11-28-2006 Yesterday we finished the material on PHP I wanted to cover and we'll be doing some Python and that will conclude the new material and the remaining time can be spent working on completing your labs and updates to the Lincoln Project.

11-17-2006 Continue configuring Apache -- Objective is to have PHP and Perl scripts being served ASAP.  At the completion of the class two teams were executing PHP and Perl scripts.  Congratulations!  Now on to programming some scripts.  Lincoln Project Functional Prototype is loaded at LincolnProject.

11-15-2006 Started Configuring Apache in McK228 so that it will run perl scripts and php scripts and ultimately python scripts.  Three students absent.

11-13-2006 Started looking at Perl (Chapter 25) LB arrived with Apache running the Lincoln Project on his laptop and most of the rest of the class was taken up reviewing the state of the Lincoln Project which looks fairly good.  There are a few things that need touching up, but on the whole it appears to be a reasonable Functional Prototype.  The next steps will be: 1) Getting to Roll-Out Baseline so that the President can review it, and 2) Begin work on the Lincoln Interface System.  I handed out the Requirements document for the LIS which had been written by Mike, Chris, and Jeff in Dr. William's class.  We'll briefly review that next time and continue with Perl and CGI (Chapter 25).

11-10-2006 Continued fooling with Apache -- looked at Perl and Python a tiny bit through the mechanism of the log I was maintaining working on the Apache problem.

11-8-2006 Looked at the Apache Lab 1 in class today, but didn't get too far due to various difficulties.  We will continue with it on Friday.  Don't forget that Monday we're going to have another go at the Lincoln Project Initial Functional Prototype.

11-6-2006 Did not have a successful Functional Prototype Demonstration on Friday.  This led to a regrouping.  Ben and LB attempted to have an all-groups meeting to which no-one came so they put together an Action Item List of the things they felt should be done on the Lincoln Project.  This was promulgated at the 11/6 class meeting.  Apache Lab1 was also distributed at that meeting along with a Unix Primer which can be found on-line.

10-31-06 OBJECTIVE: 1cut Functional Prototype DEMONSTRATION ON FRIDAY.  Had a first cut Design Review yesterday.  Not very successful or satisfying.  Did get a commitment for an initial integration on Friday of Lincoln Project Team Elements.  Teams do not seem to be working as teams because they rarely get together and work together.  This compromises both the teaching point and the likely quality of what is produced.  I stressed the need for teams to work together but got the response from the group (from some) that there wasn't enough work to warrant getting together.  The point that the team defines the work seemed lost.  I will try to stress that in future meetings.  The best management style, one they will come to admire in the future, is one in which only Goals are passed down and they are give the maximum freedom possible to define means and exact task descriptions.  Right now the tendency is to expect to be micromanaged.  On Wednesday we will cover Chapter 21.  I did a J:drive snapshot today at about 11 a.m. for the Lab4 grading.  Friday we will look at 1st cut integration.  Each team is responsible for micro-integration (i.e. integrated their pages so they operate as a subset of the whole)

10-23-2006 Began class with discussion of fundamentals of Management, especially strategies for tasking: SOA (Satisficing, Optimizing, and Adaptivizing) see Russell Ackoff and we touched briefly on Line Managed, Project Managed, and Matrix managed organizations.  The three key resources of work are People, Knowledge and Tools.  Of these only Tools responds quickly or fairly quickly to investment.  People have to come up to speed and be trained just to use the knowledge they acquire so that only tool investment tends to have high payoff in a short time.  We quickly cycled through a lot of the Filters in Chapter 15 which add pizzazz to a HTML page but only work on Internet Explorer which limits their usefulness.  Next time we'll start looking at XML in Chapter 20 and then move on to Server Side programming.  Don't forget that Lab4 is due next Monday. Fourth SCRUM:Map:Ben showed off a map of Rockingham Country and a better resolution satellite photo then we have seen previously.  Alton reported getting some directions from Elaine Dellinger.  Gallery:LB showed off an improved Slide Show with controls.  Mostly it worked but didn't go backwards correctly.  Buzz had updated the Thumbnails in the J: Drive and had them working.  Opening Page:The Opening Page team didn't have anything new to report they are regrouping to focus on Supplementary pages and had not yet had their meeting.

10-20-2006 Third SCRUM --Opening Page: Josh reported on his opening page progress and showed a new page with some example content.  Since the other members of the team were absent, there were no new reports on content or banners.  Gallery: LB added controls to his slide show but broke them a little so they didn't work, that will be fixed by Monday.  Buzz reported that he had three groups of thumbnails for the albums and Bob reported on improved Album covers.  There should be links between thumbnails and album covers by Monday.  Map: The map team reported on some conceptual progress.  Ben had prototyped a page that had several example image links.  He is expecting to have the Rockingham county map by Monday and indicated that aerial photos are available of the whole state and are in the possession of the individual counties so we might be able to get aerials that way.  Ben and Brandon will work on that.  Alton has not yet heard back from Elaine.  Alton proposed that we script to use Yahoo or Mapquest (actually I mentioned Mapquest) and that might be just fine.  I do think that photos of major Lincoln sites together with directions and then perhaps link off site to Yahoo or Mapquest might be the way to go.  A brief discussion with Josh about Supplementary pages was brought up and I suggested that the teams should work those things out but that it was a good time to transition to that sort of thing.  NOTE: Lab4 was handed out and will be due the Monday after next, about the time we'll be transitioning to Server-side scripting.


10-18-2006 Second SCRUM -- Opening Page: Josh reported changing the code on his page and having difficulties with alignment.  He indicated that CSS Styles will be done, the links fixed, and content added by Friday.  Bobby: NO PROGRESS. Justicia: reported having the Mission Statement (no progress from last time since she reported that on Monday) and has Distinguished Board Members. Gallery: Buzz was absent.  Bob had prepared some example Album covers which looked like little tombstones and is planning to add thumbnail pictures to them. LB displayed the result of 10 lines of code that showed a short slideshow.  He plans to have added captions and controls by Friday. Map:Ben was absent due to a phone call with his insurance company but had gotten a commitment to get the map from Rockingham county.  Brandon had some satellite imagery/aerial photographs which were of limited resolution.  Looking for sources of better imagry.  LB suggested LandSat images with 1 meter resolution.  Alton had received directions to the two major Lincoln sites and is expecting to improve that by Friday.

10-16-2006 First SCRUM -- Opening Page: -- Josh: had a page shell prototype, Bobby: Promised something by Wednesday, Justicia: Said she had the Mission Statement but it was on her computer.  For Wednesday: Josh: expects to have Links, Bobby: will have something on the banner to show, Justicia: Mission Statement and body section.  Gallery: Buzz: showed matrix prototype of thumbnails, Bob: a label on his original opening page, LB: in over his head, punted to Slide Show. Map: Ben's connection for county map was not available, he promised to have something Wednesday.  Brandon: has an aerial photo but it will cost $15 -- I said go ahead.  Alton: has some longhand directions and has an email in to Elaine Dellinger to get more.  For Wednesday expect to have map, aerial photo and some directions.

Went through most of the Chapter 13 slides which showed dynamic manipulation of document XHTML objects.

10-13-2006 Today we reviewed the team tasking in a SCRUM world.  At each classes SCRUM we'll review what has been accomplished since last time and what will be accomplished by next time.  If difficulties are encountered these will be Front and Center and discussed as Problems to be Solved.  Today's SCRUM Summary is: 1)Opening Page Team -- Josh spoke for the team and identified the breakdown of tasking as: Justicia is reponsible for CONTENT, Josh will be doing CODING, and Boby will be doing Banner/Picture/Graphics.  For next time they will be delivering a SHELL PAGE, with SOME GRAPHICS.  2) Gallery -- LB spoke for the Gallery Team and they have divided the work into three main categories and one additional category.  These are COVER-- which is a set of Album Covers with characterize the Gallery's main page, then THUMBNAILS for each Album, and UPLOAD interface to provide a mechanism to add and possible remove additional pictures, and a SLIDE SHOW.  Current assignments are: Bob for ALBUM COVER, Buzz for THUMBNAILS and LB for UPLOAD/SLIDESHOW.  Deliverables for Monday will be Bob will show a Rough Cover Page, LB a Prototype for Upload, and Buzz will show a thumbnail page.  3) Map -- Ben spoke for MAP and the work is currently divided into getting some initial resources: a Free from Copyright Map of the County (Ben), an Aerial Photo Map of the Lincoln site (Brandon), and Written Directions for the Lincoln sites (Alton) they expect to have these on Monday.

I complete grading based on the Labs done and the Test.  Everyone got a B or better.

10-6-2006 The best laid plans of mice and men oft go a'lay as Bobby Burns wrote -- alas to have a team meeting you need to have the teams.  So I thought today was another waste as too many decided it was too hard to get to class at 8 in the morning.  Good thing none of you actually have a job.  You wouldn't have it for long.  I want to see the teams pulling together plans for their portions of the Lincoln Project.  We're going to try this on Wednesday and if still don't get some cooperation I think something like a really big hard test would be a great idea to generate some motivation.

10-6-2006 SCRUM #1 -- we will work on the DECKS.  The Deck is your team's set of tasks to be performed.  The Deck is elaborated by partitioning the tasks until they are small enough to be assigned given the SPRINT unit-- which I think might be the interval between classes.  Thus you accept a task for the SPRINT and report on it at the next SCRUM.  We'll talk about that model at today's lab/class.

10-5-2006 FIELD TRIP TO Lincoln Site -- assemble 2 p.m. in front of the President's House if you can come.  I have my Ford Expedition which can hold 8 with a little cramping in the wayback.  Since I'm one, that leaves seven.  I'm not sure if the President will ride with us or go in his own vehicle.  We'll see.

10-4-2006 A lot of folks missing from class this morning -- President Stone will be taking the class (those that can come) to the Lincoln site(s) tomorrow.  We will gather in front of the President's house at 2 p.m. -- wear comfortable shoes -- the site is in a corn field.  We talked about Agile project methods and particularly Scrum -- there was a handout and we started trying to workout PBS/WBS elements (Product Breakdown Structure/Work Breakdown Structure) on cards.  This kind of analysis is very effective for isolation task elements oriented around visible deliverables.  We'll start Friday with a review of this and continue building Activity Decks.  LB contributed some jokes which Justicia said she didn't understand -- probably just as well since LB's jokes are off the wall.

10-2-2006 Today we talked about JavaScript Arrays from Chapter 11 -- very cool things.  I also passed out a test which is due on Wednesday October 11th -- no extensions.  We have to get the three teams going.  We'll talk about that on Wednesday -- CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT as Ed Tufte would say is the key to success.  The President has responded to our rough cut pages with a generally favorable sense -- now we need to get some CONTENT in there.  We need plans for the team and need to develop the prototypes further.  On Wednesday we'll look at the JavaScript OBJECT Model. (Chapter 12)

9-29-2006 LAB Students worked on Lab3 using CSS.  The planned meeting of BIT to discuss team plans for the Lincoln Project was deferred due to lack of attendance.  I added one line of CSS script to the <head> section of my opening page which caused links to turn red when you hovered over them, but some links didn't change.  Upon exploration this turned out to be due to the fact that a <font>tag immediately preceded those particular links which overrode the a:hover { color:red;} CSS command that had been put in the head section.  Now all the links turn red.

9-27-2006 Covered Chapter 10 today which introduced JavaScript functions.  Examples included a for loop calculating square, a random presentation of pictures, and a Craps game which displayed text boxes and accepted mouse-clicks on a button to play dice.  Distributed a lab to work on CSS examples.  Bob Satchell has been added to the Gallery Team so that the team assignments now read:

OPENING PAGE Team: Bobby Kittleberger, Justicia Latham, and Josh Randall
GALLERY Team: Buzz Baker, Lauren Belella, and Bob Satchell
MAP Team: Brandon Neff, Ben Shirkey, and Alton Timbers

9-25-2006 We covered Chapters 8 and 9 which mostly talks about JavaScript structured programming control structures: 1) Sequence, 2) Selection (if, if...else, switch), and 2) Repetitions (while, do...while, for).  We also looked at some CSS examples from the SAM CSS book by Kynn Bartlett (chapter 5).  A hardcopy of your opening page prototype for the Lincoln Project should be available at class Wednesday.  The CSS examples are on the R:Drive in the CSS-Examples directory of the class folder.

9-22-2006 Met and discussed President Stone's feedback on the submission we gave him on Monday.  The President was generally pleased with what we had done.  Lab2 (see above link) was assigned and teams for OP(Opening Page), Gallery, and Map were discussed and the group volunteered to work on the various teams:

OPENING PAGE Team: Bobby Kittleberger, Justicia Latham, and Josh Randall
GALLERY Team: Buzz Baker and Lauren Belella
MAP Team: Brandon Neff, Ben Shirkey, and Alton Timbers
Robert Satchell is currently unassigned.

The map team in particular would like a field trip to the sites.  I will try to arrange a trip.  We need to know exactly where they are and get some pictures.

9-20-2006 We're going to finish Chapter 7 today and talk about the Lab on Friday.  The assignment was sent out by email to take the GLOB and reduce it to a set of all the requirements and audit it against the customer dialogue which we had. 

9-19-2006 The material handed out on Monday was given to Elaine Dellinger for President Stone's review.  What I am hoping is that he will simply do a check off -- YES/NO this is something we want or this is something that either we don't want or could come later.  The initial work is rather rough and as I mentioned in class, showing the customer rough-work is a double edged sword.  It can INVOLVE the customer or it can ANNOY the customer -- depends on the customer.  Some customer's want to be involved and some what a FIRE-AND-FORGET solution.  So when you do this kind of thing you are also ASSESSING the customer.

9-18-2006 Over weekend pulled together a Glob of Student work.  Reproduced copies of Glob for students this morning.  Added Alton Timbers nice Specification Page to Lincoln Project page.  Shrank all the pictures provided by Dr. Stone by x100 so most are 300x195 pixels now and put them on the R: Drive.  Plan to cover the rest of Chapter 6 and the beginning of Chapter 7 in class today.

9-15-2006 Progress Meeting on PROJECTS -- Some good discussion generated by Josh, Alton, and Brandon and some interaction from the floor.  We'll look at the J: Drive later in the day and try to collect a report so that we can give progress reports to the customers.  As the Project Manager, I'll try to discuss with you on Monday the report we should make.

9-14-2006 We'll take a look at what you've produced tomorrow morning and you can spend the lab time finishing or cleaning up.

9-13-2006 Covered the first 28 slides of Chapter 6 Cascading Style Sheets and discussed: 1) Principle of Austerity (less is more), 2) the key idea of separating Structure | Presentation which CSS epitomizes.  Reviewed resources provided on the class R-Drive: namely a Specification Structure Prototype, and some resources in the PROJECT folder.  Also handed out copies of the photos available -- sort of a poor B&W copy but one which could be used to pick out images for more careful consideration.

9-12-2006 An example of a Generic Requirements Specification XHTML formatted document is in the file R:-drive in the PROJECTS folder.  Also a powerpoint presentation is there with scans of some pictures from the Lincoln Society of Virginia Symposium of March 24, 2006.  You can use this material as well as the Glob to make progress on your Requirements Documents and PAPER PROTOTYPES.  The powerpoint presentation is a very early example of paper prototyping in that it defines one possible generic web design.

9-11-2006 ASSIGNMENT for Friday 9-15-2006 1) Prepare two Requirements Documents (2 to 4 pages each) one for the Lincoln Project, and one for the Service Learning Project, and a Paper Prototype of the index.html page for each site (this can be a graphic or an actual single webpage).  We'll review what you've accomplished on Friday in the Lab.  NOTE: we need to figure out when we can expand the lab.

9-11-2006 BEGINNING OF WEEK 3 -- My objective is to go over Chapters 5 and 6 and get initial Requirements Documents written for the Lincoln Project and the Service Learning Project.  Towards that end I'm putting together a glob of all the ideas that the students and I have generated to be used to filter-out the requirements.  Then I want first order conceptuals of the web pages -- PAPER PROTOTYPES.

9-8-2006 OBJECTIVES for Week 3 -- Finish XHTML sections and get into Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript (Chapters 4,5,6 and 7) and we also want to get Summary Requirements Documents off to President Stone and Chaplin Miller for their review.  The Requirements Documents will include an initial SOW (Statement of Work) for Phase 1: Preliminary Prototype.

9-8-2006 To find your machine's IP address and domain name open a console (Click Start and Run and type cmd ENTER) and then type "ipconfig -all | more" ENTER -- no don't type the quotation marks.  The console will display something like:

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : CompSci3
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-11-43-C1-4D-F3
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Primary WINS Server . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Friday, September 08, 2006 2:26:54 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Saturday, September 09, 2006 2:26:54 AM


Of course your data will vary from mine.

9-8-2006 Well I didn't get quite as much done in the lab as I'd hoped -- there was a problem with the J:/php/users/ permissions that will have to be resolved -- I did show the students that the examples are on the R: drive and started editing using Notepad (not the best editor) I put the FirstPage editor zip into the R:/SWZips/ folder so if you want to play with that it is out there.  Put the results of your work in the J: drive in the CSCI330F06 directory in your folder with appropriate titles like: Chapter4Assmt or something similar -- it should be self-explanatory.  I also put up the Compliance Matrix for the email assignments thus far assigned.  We'll be working to generate REQUIREMENTS documents next week for the LINCOLN PROJECT and the SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT and continuing with Chapters 5 and 6 in the text.

9-8-2006 We will be meeting in McK-226 to work on a short lab and get started on some XHTML. Template

9-6-2006 Robbie Miller's visit to our class today went very well.  The assignment was to prepare a set of REQUIREMENTS NOTES for the SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT and if you didn't already provide a set of notes for the LINCOLN PROJECT do those as well.  DUE ON FRIDAY 9-8-2006

9-6-2006 Robbie Miller will be visiting the class to talk about the Service Learning Web Pages.

9-5-2006 Prepared my own notes of President Stone's visit to the class.  Notes

ACTION: Prepare a Requirements Summary to guide Web-page development for the Lincoln Society Page(s) -- Today's material is Chapter 5 and Wednesday's will be Chapter 6 we'll go over those on Friday in the Laboratory.  For Wednesday expect to talk to Chaplin Robbie Miller about the Service Learning web site requirements.

9-4-2006 Meeting with President Stone on the Lincoln Project -- President Stone gave the class a good summary of his Lincoln Society interests, distributed some examples of Lincoln Society Letterhead and past Symposium programs and answered student questions.

9-1-2006 You're supposed to be preparing questions for President Stone and sending them to me ahead of time by email by sometime reasonable like Sunday or something.

8-31-2006 On Friday we're going to be reviewing what everyone concluded about how to create a Lincoln Project site and we're going to go through Chapter 4 of the text.  Then on Monday we'll have President Stone coming to the class to talk about his ideas about the site.  Since he's the customer, his ideas will trump our ideas if we can satisfy him.  But it should be a collaboration.  See LINCOLN PROJECT