CSCI 205 Data Structures and Abstraction



Instructor: Dr. Ray Schneider

Office: McKinney 231

Office Hours: 2:00-3:00 Daily or by appointment.

Ph: x5623




C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures (Third Edition) by D.S. Malik



The course is designed to cover the CS2 curriculum recommendations of the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery).  The major objectives are: 1) To continue developing a disciplined approach to the design, coding, and testing of programs written in a high level language.  2) To teach the use of data abstraction using as examples data structures other than those normally provided as basic types in current programming languages; for example linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees.  3) To provide an understanding of the different implementations of these data structures. 4) To introduce searching and sorting algorithms and their analysis, and 5) To provide an introduction to the various areas of computer science and thereby provide a foundation for further studies in computer science.   Students will be expected to keep and maintain a programming journal and this will be among the items graded.



Attendance is required and will be checked each period and excessive lateness and absenteeism may result in grade reduction or failure.



Students are expected to spend between two and three hours outside of class for each class hour (six to nine hours of outside of class study per week) working on problems in the text to augment the class material.  The suggested general assignment is to work all the problems at the end of each section/chapter.  If you find that you do not understand, then you should ask questions in class so that I know of your difficulty and can go over some further examples in class.



Grades will be based on student performance on 1) Programming Assignments, 2) a Mid-term Examination, 3) a Final Examination, and 4) a programming journal and other quizzes and assignments as the teacher shall assign.  The final grade will be computed using a set of weights with the programming assignments and the programming journal weighted highest and the other weights declining in precedence order: Final Exam, Mid-Term, Misc Assignments.