PDP 150 Personal Development Portfolio

The PDP 150 course provides: (High Level Summary)

Course Requirements:

            Students will be expected to read all assigned material completely and on time, participate fully in classroom activities and discussions, produce a reflective journal that will include at least six reflective writing exercises, and produce a draft and final version of the personal development reflective essay.  Students will also be expected to complete at least five hours of public service during the term.



Students will receive up to 200 points (20%) for class attendance and participation. The reflective journal will receive 200 points (20%), and the personal development essay will receive 500 points (50%).  Students will also receive 100 points (10%) for completing their public service hours. Please note that while I will always be willing to discuss individual student performance on an assignment, I will not negotiate grades.  The grade a student receives for any specific assignment is final.

  Academic Honesty:

            Any fraudulent use of material or any attempts to deliberately mislead the instructor as to the authenticity of the studentís work will result in a serious reduction of the studentís grade, possible grounds for failure of the course as a whole, and even grounds for dismissal from Bridgewater College.  [See your Student Handbook for more information].

A Note on Absences:

            Class attendance is mandatory.  If students must miss a day, they should notify me in advance, although notification does not constitute excused status.  Be aware that missing class six times during the semester, no matter how valid the reason(s), will result in an F grade for attendance and participation.  Any absences after six will cause failure in the course.