MATH 200 Introduction to Statistics

Basic descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression.  Statistical computer software is used to analyze data.

Prerequisites: MATH 110, MATH 107, or satisfactory performance on placement test.

Text(s): Understanding Basic Statistics- 3rd Edition, by Brase and Brase, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company, ISBN 0-618-31553-5.



Methodology: Introduction to Statistics will be presented as a combination of classroom lectures, workshops, demonstrations, statistical experiments, question and answer, discussion, and experiments.  Homework will be assigned and frequent quizzes will given to assess student performance.

Grades will be based on student performance on 
1) Homework Assignments, 
2) a Mid-term Examination, 
3) a Final Examination, and 
4) other examinations, quizzes and assignments as the teacher shall assign.  
The final grade will be computed using a set of weights with the major assignments gathered into clusters of equal significance with the highest grade weighted highest and the other clusters given weights declining in precedence order: highest to lowest grade on clusters.  An example set of weights which reflects the intention but may be modified somewhat would be: 5 clusters with declining weights 30, 25, 20, 15, 10.  This means the student's worst result is weighted one third as much as the student's best result.   This helps students with isolated bad results.

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