PDP 150 Section 19 Fall 2004

Week Date Class Assignment or Comments


Monday: Aug 30, 2004   Opening Convo Aug 31
  Wednesday: Sep 1, 2004 General Introduction

don't forget Activities at 8 p.m. at Funkhouser

Questions on Challenges of College Life to be turned in on Friday
  Friday: Sep 3, 2004 Transition to College Challenges Discussion and Reading Test


Assignment 1 two parts: 1) prioritizing transition issues, 2) reading and reflection on Douglas and Franklin's essays. Turn in 3x5 card Monday


Monday: Sep 6, 2004 Labor Day Transition to College BRING REFLECTIVE JOURNAL TO CLASS Sep 7 Last Day to Add Class
  Wednesday: Sep 8, 2004 C.S. Lewis on the Liberal Arts Discussion SEE YOU AT CONVO TOMORROW
  Friday: Sep 10, 2004 CONVO Discussion and Arrange Transportation

Aristotle -- first two paragraphs of the Nicomachean Ethics

REMEMBER Initial Reflective Essays Due on MONDAY


Monday: Sep 13, 2004 Augustine Reading -- Critical Thinking Pick up IREs
  Wednesday: Sep 15, 2004 Discussion of Aristotle/Augustine  
  Friday: Sep 17, 2004 Protagoras #1 Discussion Library #1 Assignment


Monday: Sep 20, 2004 Protagoras #2 Discussion 3x5 The Question of God Pt 1 due also Protagoras #2  Read Protagoras #3
  Wednesday: Sep 22, 2004 Protagoras #3 Discussion and Begin Reading The Meaning of It All -- Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist by Richard P. Feynman 1st Reading is The Uncertainty of Science Library #1 Due
  Friday: Sep 24, 2004 Discussion of Critical Questions and Summary Discussion of Protagoras 3x5 The Question of God Pt 2 due also 


Monday: Sep 27, 2004 The Question of God DISCUSSION

Reading The Meaning of It All -- Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist by Richard P. Feynman 2nd Reading is The Uncertainty of Values

3x5 The Uncertainty of Science due
  Wednesday: Sep 29, 2004 Discussion of The Uncertainty of Science  possible additional discussion of The Question of God

Reading The Meaning of It All -- Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist by Richard P. Feynman 3nd Reading is This Unscientific Age

3x5 The Uncertainty of Values due
  Friday: Oct 1, 2004 VIDEO Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers on The Hero's Journey Pick Up Reflective Journals 3x5 This Unscientific Age and begin reading The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis -- Men Without Chests



Monday: Oct 4, 2004 MOVIE #1: Chariots of Fire Return Reflective Journals

Read The Abolition of Man -- The Way 

  Wednesday: Oct 6, 2004 Community Service Fair in KCC Lounge 8:30 until noon -- prepare 3x5 cards on three Service Learning Opportunities and turn in on Friday Read The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis
  Friday: Oct 8, 2004 DISCUSSION on Chariots of Fire and The Meaning of It All 3x5 pick up on Men Without Chests and 3x5 pick up on The Way


Monday: Oct 11, 2004 FALL BREAK  
  Wednesday: Oct 13, 2004 Additional DISCUSSION of The Meaning of It All and First DISCUSSION on The Abolition of Man (Discuss Men Without Chests) 3x5 pick up on The Abolition of Man also pick up Hero's Journey Assignment
  Friday: Oct 15, 2004 PARTY PLANNING Brant is attendance maven and Stephanie is chief Facilitator (SURVEY FOLKS coming from Stacey Pauley's ENG 300 Class) Mid-Term Grades Due


Monday: Oct 18, 2004 MOVIE #2 Mark Twain Tonight  
  Wednesday: Oct 20, 2004 DISCUSSION Mark Twain Tonight and Abolition of Man (as possible) Read Orthodoxy INTRODUCTION
  Friday: Oct 22, 2004 FURTHER DISCUSSION Abolition of Man (Debate) LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW WP Assigned -- Read Orthodoxy The Maniac


Monday: Oct 25, 2004 View and Discussion of "Winning the War of Ideas" Read Orthodoxy The Suicide of Thought
  Wednesday: Oct 27, 2004 Reflection Using Initial Readings of Orthodoxy as an Example Ready Orthodoxy The Ethics of Elfland
  Friday: Oct 29, 2004 Discussion of Orthodoxy (So Far ...) Read Orthodoxy The Flag of the World


Monday: Nov 1, 2004 MOVIE #3 The Green Mile  
  Wednesday: Nov 3, 2004 DISCUSSION The Green Mile and Orthodoxy and Thinking Read Orthodoxy The Paradox of Christianity
  Friday: Nov 5, 1004 More On Thinking ... last minute party prep


LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW WP/WF Assigned -- Read Orthodoxy The Eternal Revolution


Monday: Nov 8, 2004 PARTY AT Brant's Read Orthodoxy The Romance of Orthodoxy
  Wednesday: Nov 10, 2004 DISCUSSION Orthodoxy The Eternal Revolution and The Romance of Orthodoxy Ready Orthodoxy Authority and the Adventurer
  Friday: Nov 12, 2004 PICK UP REFLECTIVE JOURNALS  


Monday: Nov 15, 2004 MOVIE #4 A Beautiful Mind 6:30 p.m. McKinney 100 POPCORN  
  Wednesday: Nov 17, 2004 What Is Truth?  Mortimer Adler  
  Friday: Nov 19, 2004 DRAFT OF REFLECTIVE ESSAY  


Monday: Nov 22, 2004 Reflection as a Lifetime Practice  


Monday: Nov 29, 2004 SECOND ADVENTURE DUE  
  Wednesday: Dec 1, 2004 Discussion  
  Friday: Dec 3, 2004 FINAL REFLECTIVE ESSAY DUE  Discussion  


Monday: Dec 6, 2004 Summing Up and a Challenge  
  Wednesday: Dec 8, 2004 AFTER ACTION REPORT and PARTY Last Day of Classes
  Friday: Dec 10, 2004   FINAL EXAMS BEGIN