CSCI 300 Software Practice


  A study of fundamental software development techniques is the context of small- to medium-scale applications.  Topics covered include user-interface design and programming, fundamentals of graphics, use of APIs and software development tools, testing, and documentation.  Extensive practice reading, writing, and critiquing programs individually and in teams.  Prerequisites: CSCI 205 and 225

  The course will be modeled on the development of a small aggressive software company called Gung Ho Software with the motto “Can Do!” and the slogan: “The sun never sets at Gung Ho.”  During the course the students will 1) read, interpret, and discuss the entire text of the two text books.  The students will also program approximately TBD programs, about two per week, and participate in a project that involves the whole class as a team of teams.  Students will explore ideas and give presentations on the result of their exploration.  These will involve the embrace of various best practices and software methodologies.  Students will be required to keep a notebook and a work-log.

Gung Ho Software

There will be daily recitation on the topic of the assigned readings from the two texts.  The person reciting will be selected at random and that person will be expected to facilitate the classroom discussion on the reading.

Notetaking and Recitation


Coding Standards