Bridgewater College


Faculty Development Professional Meeting Report



Event: CCSC:Eastern 2006 Twenty Second Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, October 27-28, 2006 University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA.


1. I advised two Computer Science students, Ben Shirkey and Josh Randall in the development of a poster paper for the conference titled "Math with Strings."  The paper was delivered in the Student Posters session on October 27th from 3 to 4 p.m.  Pictures are on the R: drive in the folder /ACMContest/CCSC06.  The paper was well received and may warrant a follow up.


2. Lauren (LB) Belella accompanied the Poster Paper team to the conference and together with the others they participated in the programming contest held from 9:45 until 12:45.  The Bridgewater team finished 7th in a field of 15.  This finish, while respectable, doesn't fully capture the accomplishments of the team.  They had worked out solutions to four of the problems but time prevented them from entering and getting more than the first accepted.  The winning team had only just completed a second problem.


3. I acted as one of the judges of the Poster Session.  Among the posters I judged was the winning poster.  It was an impressive result produced by Brian Shea, a student at Worcester State College who had produced an entire 3D Video Game Engine and authoring system in Java.


4. I attended three tutorial workshops.  One was on computer security and security tools, one was on Eclipse which is an Integrating Development Environment (IDE) in the open literature which I'm considering using as part of my CSCI 200 Introduction to Programming course, and the third was on Python which is an object oriented scripting language which I'm considering using in some of my classes.  The students attended the security and the Python workshops and got a lot out of them.  In the case of the Python workshop, I'm told that after we got home on Saturday night, all three of them worked on Python, downloading it and getting it going on Sunday.


5. While at the conference I networked with professors from JMU, Mary Washington and other colleges.  The professors from JMU were Dr. Elizabeth Adams, the programming contest team advisor for the JMU Programming Contest Teams, and Dr. Ramon Mata-Toledo, Professor of Computer Science at JMU.  I also worked with Dr. Sara Miner More, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at McDaniel College who was the organizer of the Poster Session.




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