Reference Points and Beginning Driving Skills


Name: ____________________________________________†††††††††††††††† Date: ____________________

Directions: Provide a brief but complete answer for each of the following.†† Points (72) __________

Use the Parent Teen Driving Guide 9/2003 edition. = PT (Purchased from the local DMV)

Key:†††† Bold italic font = driver education instructor

††††††††††† Regular font = driver education student


††††††††††† Well here I am on a crisp February Saturday a driver education instructor trying to teach me how to drive.I wonder what they think they can teach me.Oh well, this is better than sitting in a classroom I guess.


††††††††††† Hi, my name is _______________ _______________ (insert your name in the preceding blanks) and I will be working with you on the reference points today.We will begin with looking around the vehicle.Name 4 items you should look for: PT, pg. 11









OK.That was good.We will be using a technique called commentary driving today.I want you to explain to me as we go along exactly what you are doing.


††††††††††† I have gotten into the vehicle and locked the doors.Now I will adjust the _______________.I know it should be at least _____ _______________ from the steering wheel because of the air bag.I will adjust the head restraint to the _______________ of the _______________ of my head.

††††††††††† Donít forget the mirrors.We will be adjusting to the BGE method today.Tell me how this is done. PT, pg. 7


††††††††††† Well first I place my _____________ against the _____ side _______________ and adjust the driverís side rear view mirror to see a little of the _______________ of the _______________.Now I will lean _______________ over the center _______________ and adjust the passenger side mirror to see a little of the _______________ of the _______________.When I sit back up, I will not be able to see any of my vehicle in the side _______________.I must adjust the rear view mirror to see the entire _______________ _______________. The advantage of this setting is that it _______________ overlap Ė allowing the _______________ to monitor the adjacent _______________.


Alright, we are ready to start the vehicle.Tell me what you will do now.


††††††††††† With my _______________ foot on the _______________, I will turn the key and start the vehicle.I will keep the _______________ of my foot on the _______________.I will now shift to _______________ (D).Picking a _______________ well ahead of the vehicle, I will accelerate slightly and move straight forward.


GOOD.But donít forget to turn your lights on.Now we want to back up straight.Do you remember how to do this?


I hope so.I think I am supposed to put my left hand at _____ _______________ on the steering wheel and my right hand over the back of the _______________ seat and look over my _______________ shoulder to find a _______________. OPPS. Almost forgot to shift to reverse.That would have been embarrassing.


††††††††††† Now that we are moving forward and backward smoothly, letís work on smooth stops.I want you to accelerate to about 15 mph and when I say stop, stop quickly but smoothly.


††††††††††† Iím not very good at this.I always seem to throw everyone forward when I try to stop quickly.I remember talking in the classroom about doing the _______________ or _______________ braking first and the _______________ braking last.I also remember that I am supposed to _______________ my toes back just before the car stops.


††††††††††† Not bad.I probably wonít have to wear a neck brace more than 2 weeks.Letís do a little work on steering now.Remember that we will be using the push _______________ slide method of steering because of the _______________ bags.We will be steering to the right first.Remember to tell me what you will be doing.


††††††††††† Letís see.I will begin with my hand at _____ - _____ & _____ - _____.To steer right I will push the steering wheel with my _______________ hand from ______- _____ to _____ oíclock and pull the steering wheel with my _______________ hand from _____ - _____ to _____ oíclock.


††††††††††† Youíre beginning to get the hang of it.But donít forget to look where you want the vehicle to go (Path of Travel).You canít look at the steering wheel while you drive.Letís pull up to that line over there and work on front and rear limitation reference points.Did you remember this from last semester?


††††††††††† Yes, but it never did make much sense to me sitting in the classroom.I hope I can figure it out in the car.The classroom teacher said to come up until the _______________ of the vehicle LOOKS like it is even with a line just under the _______________ side ________________ or _______________ side _______________ post.Here goes. I think this is right now.Can I get out and look?†† RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Iím ready to try it backwards now, Iím supposed to back up looking over my _______________ _______________until I can see the line through the _______________ rear _______________.OK.That was close. I think I need to adjust my reference point a little.


††††††††††† Do you remember what we called the area around the vehicle you couldnít see from the driverís seat?†††††††††††


I think it was the vehicle _______________ space.Mine is one _______________ length in front, _____ car lengths to the rear, _____ car lengths on the passenger side and one _______________ length on the driverís side.No wonder it is so important to check around the vehicle before moving it.


††††††††††† While we are working on reference points, letís move over to the curb and figure out how to place the right side of the vehicle 6Ē from the curb and 3 feet from the curb.Can you remember the references for these?


††††††††††† Let me see.I believe my line of sight from me to the curb should be the ______________ of the vehicle _______________ if I am 6 inches from the curb.The line of sight should be the _______________ of the _______________ís side right half of the hood if I am 3 feet from curb.I also think I remember that if my line of sight runs down the left crack of the hood to the median or yellow line, I will be about _____ _______________ from the line.You know these references sure help me figure out where my vehicle is.My dad kept telling me to line the bumper up with a certain line, but now matter how hard I stretched my neck I couldnít see the bumper.


Alright.You have done very well today.